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[service  title="Datasieve"]Business Insights can be designed for your data (small/big/very big) for Datasieve no sql store by apply simple statistical analysis or complex analysis functions with visualization.[/service] [service  title="Lumino"]Powerful reporting and Business write my essay Intelligence solution with meaning full visualization ,connectivity and popular sql databases and a web interfaces,Lumino is an ideal for a mid sized companies wanting to convert information quiclly.. [/service] [service  title="Reparo"]Set of tools & utilities to handle data Extractions , Sanitisation , repair,cleansing and data management before passing it as to your ERP or other reporting /Analytic tools. [/service]


These solutions are based on a proprietary platform 'Episteme' . A web based analysis platform - scalable


EpistemeA strategic apparatus which permits of separating out from among all the statements which are possible those that will be acceptable within a field of scientificity. The episteme is the ‘apparatus’ which makes possible the separation, not of the true from the false, but of what may from what may not be characterised as scientific

Michel Foucault

A Flexible, Scalable and Cost effective Analytics Platform Episteme is an end to end web services platform to develop data management, Business Intelligence and Analytics applications easily and in a cost effective manner. Episteme helps you architect and scale an application to suit the growing needs of a business environment, starting with acquiring data from RDBMS’s to big data implementations on Hadoop or Mongo DB, and from building simple reporting solutions to complex analytics based on statistical and predictive modeling. You can build analytics and reporting applications on Episteme with either pass through or store and forward data strategies from your transaction processing systems. Data can be acquired into your application from multiple sources like your ERP systems, web data, CRM or other applications in multiple formats, and at different frequencies and periodicities to suit business needs.

Episteme supports data acquisition from several industry standard and popular RDBMSs as well as NoSQL databases.It is also possible to add application specific plug-ins to import data from special file formats. Episteme currently has inbuilt support for importing data from ISO 8583 based transaction log files for banking applications.

Episteme supports big data through Hadoop or MongoDB implementation based on application requirements and supports both structured and unstructured queries. Statistical data analysis can be performed through an interface to ‘R’ provided in Episteme.

Episteme provides simple and easy to understand visualization along with support for Interface with Open Street Maps for geographical information.

Applications on Episteme can be deployed as on premise web applications or SaaS implementations.


Datasieve is a comprehensive do it yourself analytics application, through which you can work with your data and derive insights of value to your business. You can literally sieve your data and extract those nuggets of information which can help you in making better informed decisions. Datasieve operates on your data and performs several statistical functions, and present the inferences in easy to understand visual forms. Datasieve runs on Phoenix Episteme platform and supports big data on Hadoop or Mongo DB.
  • Simple descriptive and inferential statistical analysis
  • Moving averages and ARIMA model implementation
  • Correlation and regression analysis between various parameters
  • Simple predictive analysis modelling of data
  • Trends analysis
  • All statistical functions through interface to R
  • Elegant and easy to understand visualization
  • Support for canning reports for later use.
  • Cross function comparisons
  • APIs to integrate 3rd party applications
  • Save or export specific findings or discoveries


txtIf getting a consistent, accurate, and timely report is what your management expects at the minimum, then Lumino provides such reports from your database independent of your ERP or MIS application. It takes away the burden of generating reports and sending them across from the IT team in an SME enterprise.
Since it’s a web based, and connects to the database in real time, users can get accurate and upto the minute information from wherever in the world they are, whenever they want. This coupled with the dashboard for KPIs, Email and SMS alerts based on data conditions being met, and simple and easy to understand graphic visualization of your data, makes Lumino an excellent data oriented decision support system for the CXO of a small business enterprise. Lumino grows with the users as they mature from simple reports, to complex ad hoc reports and then to Business Intelligence through slicing and dicing of data and dimensional analysis through complex data visualization.

  • Connects with most major RDBMSs (Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server, EnterpriseDB, ODBC..)
  • Staged or pass through approach for information delivery
  • Drilldown of report result data for insights, easy multilevel grouping, aggregation, sorting, searching and filtering of data
  • Simple and easy crosstab and pivoting mechanism for dimensional analysis
  • Dashboard with 6 KPIs
  • Archival of report results
  • Simple and easy to understand visualization charts.
  • Automatic or manual emailing of results
  • Runtime filters for narrowing result set
  • Periodic and scheduled automatic running of reports at predefined date and time - monthly, weekly, daily or for one time.
  • Hierarchical alerts based on data values when reports are run
  • Export of result set in CSV, Excel or PDF formats on local machine
  • Simple and easy interface for generating complex ad-hoc reports
  • Access to information through strong login / password and Access Control Logic


txtA set of web based tools and utilities to help you clean up your data before you take decisions based on the same. Simple interface to a complex set of ETL tools to cleverly adapt between data acquisition and usage. These can be run either independently or integrated into other ERP or CRM applications to provide data pre-processing, data integrity checking, data cleansing or data integration across multiple data sources based on predefined rules in short, total data quality management.

  • Import data from multiple data sources
  • Cleanse and enrich data based on rules (automatic or user triggered data clean up)
  • Check for integrity of data based on rules (for example:- data range checks, work flow consistency checks)
  • Integrate data across heterogeneous data sources based on business rules
  • Augment transaction data with static data from other sources

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teamPhoenix Datasieve was founded in 2012 by Ram and Shrikanth with the dream of making available technologies to every mid sized company.our goal is to help our customers understand their business data and ... insights to improve their customers expenses and compete more efficiently in their marketplace.


Srikant M . k ,Managing Director with  28 years of software development in creating technology products and solutions for worldwide markets. Starting with IT services for a central government lab followed by a stint in review the TVS group of companies, he has worked his way up the technology ladder and served as the CTO of the Integra group of companies for several years. He has led teams delivering cutting edge solutions to Fortune 500 companies across the world.

Ram Sirupurapu , CEO  brings over 28 years of experience in the IT industry in various capacities, including technology, sales and marketing and quality.He started his career with HCL and worked his way up to a management position in Integra Micro Systems, a twenty-eight year old technology company. He has successfully delivered solutions to clients around the world, brought in business from Fortune 500 companies, and steered the organization through quality certifications.

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